The following Blog mention various Reasons for 2018 Qatar Diplomatic Crisis, consequences and demands that were put forward to Qatari Govt. Did they accepted those demands or not?

First reason for the crisis is Qatar’s massive support to Muslim Brotherhood both financially and militarily. Muslim Brotherhood, a Sunni Islamist group that was formed in Egypt and later declared as terrorist organisation. Muslim Brotherhood aim is to establish Quran ( holy Book of Islam) as their constitution. However, Egypt and other Arab nations declared them as a terrorist group for their its violent approach in the world.

Muslim Brotherhood community

Second reason for diplomatic crisis is her good relations with Iran. Both of them have good relations in field of oil exploration. Iran is a Shia majority state and most of Qatar’smajor population belongs to Sunni community. Already Iran and Saudi Arabia have bitter relations between them because of Shia- Sunni ideology.

Third reason would be its support towards hosting allegedly Terror Groups like Taliban, Al Qaeda and Hamas. In 2016, Qatar hosted a conference between Taliban and Afghanistan Government. They defended themselves by acting as a mediator in regional conflicts while other Arab Nations were anguish by this horrific act by Qatari Government.

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Al-Jazeera Network

Fourth reason would be their own news network, Al Jazeera. Many of us have heard about this famous News Channel Network called Al-Jazeera Media House, which is the second largest news network in the world after BBC News. Al-Jazeera Media Network is owned and controlled by the Government of Qatar, although it had already been stated that they are editorially independent from the government of Qatar as the network is funded through loans and grants rather than government subsidies. There have been many controversies involved with Al-Jazeera for being accused of spreading a propaganda outlet for the Qatari Government. The network is rumored to have mainly Islamist perspectives, promoting the Muslim Brotherhood, and having a pro- Sunni and an anti-Shia bias in its reporting of regional issues. The situation got more worst when an E-mail account of UAE Ambassador to United States was hacked in 2017. This hacking signified of having links between Israel and UAE, both working together against their common enemy, Iran. That particular news was covered by Al-Jazeera for long period of time. This news was an embarrassment to UAE and showed a great anxiety against Al-Jazeera and also Qatar.

Consequences of Diplomatic Tensions

Qatar Airways

When the diplomatic crisis was at its peak, many Arab Nations including Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bahrain, and Egypt embedded travel ban to Qatar and asked diplomats of Qatar to leave their repective country. However, Arab Nations had put some demand to Qatar for better relations. The demands include: closing of Al-Jazeera Media House, reduce relations with Iran, close Turkish Military base in Qatar, Stop funding to terrorist groups, Qatar should pay reparations to UAE, Egypt and other countries for its mischievous , stop offering Qatari citizenship to other Arab citizens, Arab nations will monitor Qatar for every 10 years and surrender all terrorists. The Qatari government had rejected some of their demands and some of them were accepted too little extent.

Route of Qatar Airways day before and after Diplomatic crisis

According to a report published in Indian daily newspaper, The Times of India on Tuesday, 10 April 2018. The headline in World News stated ‘Saudi Arabia planning to turn Qatar into an island’. A proposal was made in Saudi Arabia’s parliament by digging a canal along its border with Qatar, turning the peninsular nation into an island. They will transform its only land border into a military zone and nuclear waste site. This news was flashed after a state linked Saudi newspapers reported it on Monday. This project would just take 12 months to complete. The so-called Salwa marine Canal project would be funded by Saudi and Emirates investors and dug by Egyptian companies having an experience in digging the famous Suez Canal half a century ago. The canal is estimated to cost nearly 2.8 billion riyals (US$ 750 million), stretched 200 metres wide and 20 meters deep. As Soon as the news was published, an Emirati foreign minister mentioned that the project is a proof of Qatar’s failure to manage and solve its crisis. However, Qatari govt refuse to comment on this dispute.

Sources- Qatar Diplomatic Crisis explained by Mindscape

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